Born in 1994 in Israel.

Education / Training

2009-2012 ● Graduated the Dance Department in Blich High-School including a matriculation exam in dance theory and performance. ● 2011-2012 ● Program for Outstanding Dance Students of Bat-Sheva Dance Company. ● Excellence Program of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. ● 2013-2014 ● Program for Outstanding Dance Students of Bat-Sheva Dance Company. ●  “Hasadna - the Dance Workshop” by Yaara Moses and Yarden Raz. ● Participated in a dance project by Ilaya Shalit and Renana Raz. ● 2014-2016 ● Graduate of the two year programme in Dance Workshop Gaaton dance school. danced repertoire by Ohad Naharin (Bat-Sheva), Rami Be’er (KCDC), Mats Ek, Hofesh Shechter, Sharon Eyal and Barak Marshall; and worked with choreographers: Osnat Kellner, Andrea Martini, Shlomi Bitton, Oz Mulai, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Eyal Dadon, Martin Harriague, Noa Zuk, Talya Beck, Yaniv Avraham and Guy Shomroni.


2017 ● DanceWeb Scholarship recipient at ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna.

Works and Performances

2016 ● The Burnt Room by Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof. ● Solid Gold by Osnat Kelner. ● 2017 ● Expecting by Osnat Kelner. ● The Swan and The Pimp by Hillel Kogan. ● 2018 ● Victims And Images by Roni Chadash. ● Waterfalls by Nina Traub. ● Joined the cast of Naba 2.0, by Dana Ruttenberg. ● 2019 ● Practicing Empathy by Yasmeen Godder. ● 2020 ● Performed Roni Chadash’s solo piece Goofy. ● Practicing Empathy 2X2 by Yasmeen Godder. ● Noor by Tamar Borer ● Chapters of Joy by Roni Chadash ● 2021 ● A4 by Andrea Constanzo Martini

My Works

2019 ● EVEning - in collaboration with Zuki Ringart